Package com.fatdog.xmlEngine

Core classes and methods.


Interface Summary
IProtocolHandler Provides a callback for implementers of custom protocols.

Class Summary
ConstructedNodes An ancillary NodeTree subclass that helps in assembling constructed nodes.
DocItems A collection of items corresponding to one document's contribution to a ResultList.
FandO Provides the low-level implementations for XQuery's built-in functions.
FastQSort A QuickSort algorithm w/ a long and varied history.
IndexManager The main class responsible for managing internal index data structures.
IntList A dynamic array structure for storing collections of integers.
NodeTree A dynamic array structure for storing a collection of nodes from a single indexed document.
QueryDocumentTree A NodeTree optimized to hold constructed nodes.
ResultList A collection class representing the results of a query.
SAXHandler A SAX2 ContentHandler for parsing XML documents.
TreeWalker Walks the query tree returned by the JavaCC parser.
Variables Maintains the values of XQuery variables.
XQEngine The main driver for the query engine.

Package com.fatdog.xmlEngine Description

Core classes and methods.