Class TagDictionary

  extended bycom.fatdog.xmlEngine.words.dictionaries.Dictionary
      extended bycom.fatdog.xmlEngine.words.dictionaries.TagDictionary

public class TagDictionary
extends Dictionary

A dictionary used to store prefix or localpart QName components.

At present this could be just a straight Dictionary. In past (and possibly in future) a TextDictionary subclass can provide slightly different behaviour for "real" word content, such as ignoring case on lookup (a desirable option for full-text).

NOTA: Underlying dictionary implementation is still evolving. Eg, at present separate dictionaries are dedicated to prefixes and localparts, for both elements and attributes. I will review whether these continue to require separate structures or whether they can and/or should be consolidated.

As well, the underlying WordListHashtable implementation seems reasonably efficient as a storage device, but does not allow alphabetic storage and retrieval. I may swap this out.

Howard Katz,

Constructor Summary
TagDictionary(int newEntryAllocs)
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Constructor Detail


public TagDictionary(int newEntryAllocs)